Who Else Wants A Kick-Butt Online Promotional Game Guaranteed To Drive A Horde Of Frenzied Internet Users Beating A Path To Your Website?

Let's face it attracting customers to your products and services can be hard and very expensive.

Internet users want instant gratification, fun and good quality content and they want it now.

So how do you create a "sticky" or appealing website that pulls in new customers and encourages them to come back time and again without the need to spend additional cash?

Simple, in our 3 Step Entertainment Marketing System we 1.) Learn your business, 2.) Get to understand your audience and 3.) Ensure the right kind of fun, appealing content is tailored and delivered to them. By using a variety of methods such as online games, interactive toys, animated clips and movies we tie in your brand product or service in the right way to ensure your audience gets it.

How much did you spend on banner ads, google adwords or other advertising? With a very affordable budget you can have an online game or other interactive toy that will keep pulling in users month after month.

The great thing is that you can continue to leverage your content for an extended period and build on this compared to the spike you might get using just a regular media spend.

Listen, online entertainment is huge and it's not limited to the old out of date notion of geeky boys. According to the entertainment software association 58% of online game players are male and 42% of online game players are female.

The fact is we are now spending more time on the web than watching television, in a recent survey by google and this is on the increase.

8 reasons why entertainment marketing applies to you and how we can help you use online games & branded content to hook your audience.

  • Breaks down any resistance an audience might have towards a marketing message.
  • Because users keep coming back for more addictive gameplay experiences.
  • Allows you to have a common platform for social interaction as your audience expresses their views to each other.
  • Because it re-enforces positive brand values and experiences in the user.
  • Enables you to collect contact details and connect with them later.
  • Increases the time your audience will spend with your message allowing you to deliver longer or more complex messages if you wish.
  • Provides you with an ideal platform for viral marketing.
  • Because you can leverage new content for Search Engine Optimisation, creating a flood of free traffic to your websites.

Want help in creating great content for your site? Learn how interactive branded entertainment such as online games, animations, desktop downloads can help you communicate and generate strong relationships with your customers, fans or prospects.

A new approach to creating innovative and original content

We can provide you with solutions for Entertainment Marketing using high quality branded content, online games, interactive toys, banners, viral marketing that is guaranteed to build strong relationships with your customers and pull in new ones.

We'll help you through the entire process to your specification and if you are unhappy with anything we offer unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied. That's our pledge to you.

Using games in your marketing strategy is one of the best ways to leverage your marketing dollars.

To book your free proposal on how we can help you create long lasting relationships with your customers and increase traffic to your products and services with online games, interactive branded content and viral marketing call us now on +44 (0) 870 383 4587

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